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Artist Bio


My name is Joanna Bellettiere, and I am a Philadelphia-based painter. I create colorful, rhythmic works on canvas that ebb and flow in unison. My inspiration is the constant fascination I've had with the spiritual unknown. The earthly ties that bind us to this realm that create labels like human, beast, and nature create an illusion of separation. I believe the great spiritual "one-ness" is a composite form of constantly evolving energies. The application of dried, sponged and glued acrylic molding paste acts as a skeleton in which to grow this particular energy. Each work derives from the subconscious joining of human, animal and nature into one churning being. As I layer the dried pieces with paint, I think of all spiritual journeys becoming one endless essence.

The thick paint applications and churning energies, paired with vivid color and form, tell a story as unique as the being that is living it.

My work encompasses the celebration of unique entities on this earth, as they go through their journey in life. When I choose thick or thin acrylic, it alludes to the connection of good and bad moments that become a life journey. It’s the symphony of all these experiences, this joining between harsh energies and soft impressions that alludes to our fullest lives. Our true spirit is one composite life experience that connects us all.