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Thoughts on the Conceptualism of my Work

Over the past 4 months, i have been engrossed in this concept that the spiritual essence, while it appears diverse through the use of people, nature, places, etc, is really the same energy force that plates through this universe. We all have this unseen connection, but if we just tap into it, we can find nuances of similarity of cyclicality in our daily lives. That is what my newer paintings are giving me:more and more of an introspection into the beauty, natural organicism, and vividly of this natural life force. Imagine how beautiful the world could be, if we saw every facet of being and non-being surrounding us as,well, a part of us.

I enjoy painting such diverse shapes, colors, and forms. They may have various energies, but as one dances around the composition, they can find the familiar cycle of growth, explosion, domination, stillness, and dissipation. This doesn't just exist in nature, however. It exists in every person, venue, and object. It exists in the far reaches of the universe. It is a singular pulse of energy, constant and refined. I want to visualize to people, however, that this singular force comes through to us as a "coming together" of diversity, in a sense. Everything is always connected, and as an artist i feel compelled every day to represent this philosophy in my work.

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