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The Complications of Painting

As I explore the methodology of paint and color in each spiritual space, each piece presents a uniquely interesting challenge: where to make certain moments "pop", and other recede into the recesses of space, where to add and subtract color, etc. The decisions of an artist are actually really difficult- the brushstroke, speed of stroke, color and form tell a specifically narrative story in time and space. Combine them all together, and you have a specifically decided format that tell a story. I find it fascinating that literally limitless explorations exist for me in my mixed media pieces.

Check out more of my explorations! #cyclicalessence, which is how and why i create my paintings. That is, the continual flow of chakra energy, people, organisms and inanimate objects in this space of the universe. Things come, things go. but it's the formation, coagulation and dissipation of these energies that fascinate me.

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